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  3. Cheat guides are fine if they are ruffly speaking used on single player. Even multiplayer is fine too as long as your not cheating against the person who's playing. I don't see why not.
  4. No in my opinion. Possibly the Xbox 360 was good value and now they are just played out. I really don't know what to say about it. Completely played out. The games if triple A are somewhat fun but doesn't have the feeling they used to have. Just gets old.
  5. My ideal vacation would be to Australia, for 2 months atleast, and I'd absolutely love to go to a hotel that's within walking distance to the beach. There are so many different activities that I'd like to do in Australia, including swimming with the great white sharks and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef
  6. I generally do not provide my personal information on myself to anybody I don't know online or offline. The biggest issue is that identity fraud can become a reality if information which is considered private, becomes accessible on public domain. I also make sure that I know my rights when it comes to the Data Protection Act and Data Deletion Requests.
  7. At night, when my iPhone is on 5% and my charger is on the desk and I'm in bed with my phone, I'm to lazy to plug my iPhone into the outlet next to my bed. I usually end up letting the device die, after I've used it scrolling through Facebook and YouTube shorts. That usually does the trick to get me to fall asleep.
  8. The weirdest nickname that I've been given is "Just Eat". A customer at my other workplace, knows I work for the fast food delivery chain, because of my huge thermal company issued bag, and calls me by Just Eat instead of my actual name. It's kind of weird.
  9. If I am feeling stressed and want to unwind, there are a few different activities that can help my mental well being. One being is going to our local beach to do some fishing. I love connecting with nature, listening to natural surroundings and collecting my thoughts into one section of my brain. Sea Fishing is very relaxful!
  10. Alexander.

    Cheat Guides

    It's happened to most of us - we've got stuck on our favorite part of a video game, and we've been tempted to do a quick google search on to cheat our way past the obstacle. But how many of us actually ended up doing exactly this? Do you think cheat guides is the right thing to do or is it best to work it out for yourself?
  11. New games are quite expensive these days, do you think they are good value? Personally, I believe the price of games is quite expensive when they first come out. If everyone would just wait a couple of months later the price would go down. But we can't get people to do that.So what do you think?
  12. Come and join our make money forum today. We are stopping our paid to post program in Feburary, but replacing it so that only premium members can earn posting a reply or a topic. You may read more about this announcement here. https://bizdustry.com/threads/vip-premium-vip-still-can-earn-via-posting.30620/unread We'd like to thank you ALL for your support over the past year to get us to where we are today.
  13. If I can recall correctly, the most I've ever spent on a computer game would be 50$ for Skylanders on the Nintendo Wii. This didn't include the figures to place on the portal, which were roughly 10$ each. Sooner or later, the video game as a whole cost me a whopping 200 bucks!
  14. I haven't got much of a gaming room. Although, I have a couch and my gaming laptop that I can play on, on my lap, without the need to go to a desk. That's one of the advantages of gaming on a laptop in comparison to a desktop! Are gaming rooms expensive to design and implement generally speaking?
  15. We've already hit over 1,000 posts on forum promotion.co, and I'd like to thank everybody for their support. We hope that we're filling the gap for promotional forums for webmasters. We are truly unique! We have also launched our very own package service on forum promotion where webmasters can redeem their points for written content on their blogs or forums.
  16. I would say one of the most toughest video games that I've played was Skyrim. Many challenges were presented, throughout the storyline, and I can remember it taking me literally hours on end to pass this specific part of the title. Although, I really like the sense of achievement after doing so.
  17. My favorite 2d game would probably be Slither.io. I love the strategic element behind the video game of working your way up the leaderboard and consuming smaller snakes than yours! It's a quick and easy game to launch when I'm on my lunchbreak at work and don't have time to play a battle royale or time heavy title.
  18. I don't think I would ever quit gaming, unless somebody was to offer me a substantial amount of money to quit indefinitely. Depending on my circumstances and where my career leads me, I might end up cutting down the amount of time that I play on a daily basis, with one of the factors being commitments.
  19. It's hard to say. Some video games, like Grand Theft Auto Five, I'll play and what can feel like a minute, is an hour, and what feels like an hour turns into a day. I do have to be time cautious and focus on my online projects and career prospects aswell. It's about finding the right balance which is a challenge.
  20. I play on a Dell, Windows 11 based computer. I use Epic Games as my marketplace where I can buy, download and install titles through the marketplace onto my PC. I used to have a Xbox 360 but never got around to upgrading my platform.
  21. I added you just today @zoldos
  22. Yeah just give me some time to add it to the footer @zoldosand I will. I appreciate it.
  23. lol Okay. Anyway, I have a new site (really hoping to keep it going this time). Care to re-affiliate, @TopSilver?
  24. Battlefield 2042. Level 26 now. 🙂
  25. Farming Simulator 22
  26. Big fan of IP. Looking to see how you take advantage of the new features and interactive things.
  27. Cool! I used IPB back n 2006, but it was quite expensive for my tastes. Haven't used any newer versions tho...
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