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  1. Tetris is fun for some people but that's one strategy game I have trouble with. It's really just that I don't know how to play. But overall I can see how knowing the game would help. FPS Games are easy to play. Harder to play are 3rd person shooters many times unless it has a good movement system like Gears of War does.
  2. Welcome to the site buddy. It's good to have you here. I'm super excited to see the place grow. I think were doing an excellent job so far and could be a big site in the coming days. If you have any questions just let me know and I look forward to speaking with you more.
  3. @SpookyZalostIt's a paid software and I have enjoyed it thus far. Was kind of expensive but I like it better than other softwares and plan to use it for the long haul. There's add-ons for it and vBulletin 5 isn't up to par with what I wanted to I decided on using this. I still need to find some more add-ons for it though.
  4. Cheat guides are fine if they are ruffly speaking used on single player. Even multiplayer is fine too as long as your not cheating against the person who's playing. I don't see why not.
  5. No in my opinion. Possibly the Xbox 360 was good value and now they are just played out. I really don't know what to say about it. Completely played out. The games if triple A are somewhat fun but doesn't have the feeling they used to have. Just gets old.
  6. I added you just today @zoldos
  7. Yeah just give me some time to add it to the footer @zoldosand I will. I appreciate it.
  8. Yeah @Laifot thanks for the tip off. A list of things to come: There is a fine list of what's to come. Anything that doesn't require custom work will be sooner then later. There's a few things on my to-do list. I will add user ranks within a few days - Week tops. The colored usernames and rank title have been set just now. The users online widget will need an add-on. There's one I could buy although I may not need to just to simply show the counts online. It's only $14 so I may get it sometime in the next 2 days.z There's a lot I plan on doing and I want to think all of you for your help. I am excited for this to move forward and welcome any new members to give us a shot. We are providing the best foundation for a forum to this date. Xenforo which was our previous forum base wasn't up to par with invision but I am looking forward to it. God bless this site.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen I could never ask for a better software. I invested in a theme and I also bought Invision Power Board along with the pages app so I can work on laying out the site to the best of my ability. This website is going to go a long ways. As you can see I'm still getting the hang of how it all works. The users online guests, members, etc counts should come back soon along with different features we never had before. This cost me $400 and while we were using a different software that wasn't as good in my opinion is why I switched. I can't use vBulletin because the add-ons are slim and few. I instead chose invision because of how professional it is and I am extremely excited. Sign up if your new we are going to rock this many days ahead. Sign up if your a rock star!
  10. You are god dang amazing. Some of your posts are extremely impressive. Would you like to be staff here? If so I'd like to offer you a position if you want. Just let me know
    1. Joshua Farrell

      Joshua Farrell

      I'll finish the package I was supposed to finish, and will notify you about my decision. :)
  11. Was wondering how it's fairing for them as of recent. They released their own programming language a while back and I haven't heard much about it. Wonder if it's been a lost venture or so. I still think C++ and C# (sharp) are the most usable programming languages but have you heard of Kotlin? Do you use Kotlin yourself?
  12. Be careful not to make any payments for graphics or anything on Cafe Discussions without a proper invoice so you have buyer protection. However this forum is for requesting graphics paid or free. This can be a signature, which the forum was mainly meant for, or it can be other forms of graphics. Currently this is the only form of marketplace that Cafe Discussions offers at the moment, although that may change in the future. There will be an award added soon for making free graphics 5 times. Be sure to state the nature of your request clearly and also your budget. *This is not a promote your graphic design business forum. No advertising. This is a request forum only*. Thank you. ~ TopSilver and Cafe Discussions Moderators
  13. Just wondering if anyone has given them a try. I found this really good one that netted me 9,000 with an article and like 20 keywords for $80. Not bad. This is white-hat though and the person actually places the backlink manually. Not only does Google not frown upon that, especially because the person chose to do it by hand and wasn't spamming, but it may just be what scoots this site with finally some type of traffic source. Mind Piff, our old domain name did not have as much traffic. We've seen around 4,000 unique visitors and 65,000 visits half-way through the month. This might sound hard to believe but we topped out at over 1 million hits half-way as well. That should increase. I had a check at Google webmaster and it's showing 17 clicks already. We didn't get but 2 or 3 a month on Mind Piff. Apparently this is a golden find if you need help with your site. I will actually tag @Fait who if he responds will suggest 2 different people I personally have chosen to work with. Great work dealing with them.
  14. Hey you are welcome here anytime you want. I love that you have your own General Discussion site. Glad to trade posts anytime. Just let me know when you want to.
    1. Ash


      Sounds good, will do :)
  15. Hey I know I changed the style again. But [mention=8]Nagato[/mention] was right - We can get big on this one. This style is too good for us to use something like UI.X It just get's boring and tiring using a theme like that but the way this one looks should be made to last.
    1. Laifot


      I'm fine with either of them :P
    2. TopSilver


      Thank you for your support. The sub-forums look neater too on this one. Pixel Exit is the best theme creator

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