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  1. Let's say you're given £7,500 (approx. $10,600) to go out and buy yourself a second-hand car.. are there any makes or models that you would stay clear of straight away? I'm not sure what the second-hand car market in the US is like, but with £7,500 in the UK you could probably get yourself a pretty nice motor which is less than 5 years old. Personally I'm staying well clear of; Nissan (most models - ugly) Peugeot (all models - reliability) Vauxhall / Opel (all models - now owned by Peugeot - reliability) I think I'd be pretty much open to everything else.. I'd probably avoid really small cars such as the Ford KA, they're not exactly practical with a small child.. I'd definitely want something with 5 doors.
  2. At the moment, it feels like your criteria for "hot" threads is set too low.. I mean, nearly every thread in The Rant is considered hot and the majority of which I'd argue are not (yet) :whistle:
  3. Nerdface


    Do you use a VPN? If so, which software do you use? I only use mine when downloading torrents and the like (although I know they're not bulletproof). I currently have a NordVPN subscription running until March next year.. :geek:
  4. Hope all is ok, I haven't seen you around for a while!
    1. TopSilver


      Odd I was not notified of your profile post comment via alerts. I have now seen it. I plan to get active on your site a lot soon just might be slower for around 2 months or so. Right around my birthday near August 16th I plan to speed things up a lot. I haven't really been active anywhere for close to 3-4 weeks. Right now since I'm getting better I wanted to take a small break. Though I will say all posts will be returned I just want to take a break until around my birthday in August. Feel free to take a break from mind piff too if you want just until I get back in action on nerd face though I plan to post a lot after this little break
  5. Just thought, I can probably send you a copy of the thread counter add-on since it was free anyway.. (y) I'll check my downloads folder later, pretty sure I'll still have the zip.
    1. TopSilver


      Yeah that might be an idea possibly. Does it work on 2.1 is the question? I mean bugless. Because possibly it may be not appear to have any bugs but still not compatible. Anyways I would love to swap links with you if you want to be featured in the footer where partners is. Let me know
    2. Nerdface


      I'm running it on 2.1.1 amongst almost 80 add-ons, seems fine. No server errors reported. Swapping links sounds good, we can discuss on Discord later.
    3. TopSilver


      sounds good to me. I have like at least 10 servers each with over 100 people I can invite you to. You can make some friends. It's a chain reaction. That's how all forums start out. That chain reaction

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