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  1. Have you ever made homemade pasta? I made 2 huge batches of homemade fettuccine for my daughter's boyfriend who is vegan. The first batch was just plain and the second was basil and it smells so good. I can't wait to boil a little bit of it that I put aside for dinner for myself and my husband.
  2. Governor Cuomo received an Emmy which is usually given to an outstanding performer for his press releases during the beginning of the Covid crisis. Now it's discovered the man lied to the public about the deaths in nursing homes and they mainly died because he sent people with covid to the nursing homes instead of the hospitals. Does Cuomo still deserve that Emmy?
  3. Would you ever consider investing in art? Sometimes it takes the death of the artist before the work gets noticed and becomes worth something so it could be something to consider if you want to buy cheap and sell it later for a big profit. I think it could be risky unless you have a lot of money and really enjoy looking at some of it.
  4. What's the easiest way to start recording your own instructional videos? Do you use your phone or buy something else to record? And what about editing software? Do you make your own background music?
  5. Which teacher or professor had the most influence on you? I had a physics teacher who was nicknamed Yoda because he just had that look. My friend and I used to go to his apartment (because she wanted to flirt with his son) to get homework help. He once said that our young brains couldn't fully grasp the concept of physics but wait a couple years and then boom it would suddenly become clear. And it did. I was sitting on the train going into Chicago on my way to art school and I got it! Momentum! Force! It just made complete sense. I went back to him at school on Alumni day and he was so proud as I explained it all :)
  6. Does your vehicle have seat warmers? My husband's truck has them and it's awesome but my SUV does not and I sort of wish that it did. My daughter helped me out in buying a seat warmer that plugs into the cigarette lighter so in a way I have it and it works really fast!
  7. Welcome back. You've been more than a big help. Thank you so much
    1. Lämmchen


      I waited a bit for things to get going after starting some threads.
    2. TopSilver


      No feel free to post whenever you want. It's okay. I just wanted to say I appreciate it. We should grow soon
  8. How much censoring should there be on the internet? How involved should governments be or big tech? Do you think that there is too much censoring or not enough?
  9. What do you say to friends or family who ask for free graphics from you? Are they pushy? Do they want things done immediately even though they say take your time?
  10. Is there a certain location known for it's paranormal activity that is high on your list for visiting? Maybe a bucket list of sites? There is some haunted wooded forest in Eastern Europe that entices me to visit. Apart from that I'm not sure where else except maybe a few of the old jails where they give tours.
  11. I've decided to try and start advertising when I get money. I invested some in bizdustry for 2 months. Word of mouth seems to be the best way to get a forum going. I think we have huge potential though. We've finally found the right base theme.
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    2. Lämmchen


      Ah, yeah, then we can't spotlight you so soon since we already did your site. So many to get through and I try to change it every 3 weeks when I remember to do so :D
    3. Xyphien


      Your best bet is through SEO services > paid promotion. It's about the same amount of money, and you don't see anything from it at first but it has everlasting effects. You may gain 10-50 people in the month of paid promotion, but with high SEO you will be getting that much in a day or more. My largest website I was first on google for 5 keywords, had 500k + views a month and was gaining around 100 members a day. Not to promote but I do services if you ever need them :)
    4. TopSilver


      Your fine [mention=280]Xyphien[/mention] we don't allow promotion links outside of the signature but anyone can talk about their site anytime they want. You are welcome to advertise up to 3 links in your signature as well. I will check out your SEO service possibly at some point down the road. Right now I only get money on occasion but I have had plans to advertise on certain other sites
  12. Hey I will be doing my first 5 tonight and second 5 tomorrow. Taking a break for a little while as I've stayed awake for a good bit. Though I will return for certain <3

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