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  1. IPB always had the best software! The looks was always more of a pro lo-fi serious thing. Cheers on the new board!!
  2. Hey I know I changed the style again. But [mention=8]Nagato[/mention] was right - We can get big on this one. This style is too good for us to use something like UI.X It just get's boring and tiring using a theme like that but the way this one looks should be made to last.
    1. Laifot


      I'm fine with either of them :P
    2. TopSilver


      Thank you for your support. The sub-forums look neater too on this one. Pixel Exit is the best theme creator
  3. Have a good day!
  4. Good afternoon fellas! nice to see the forum back!!
  5. Do you have a backup when MAL is down? I'm considering using AniList as a backup. But apart from the odd error here and there, I think MAL has learnt from their mistake, so MAL should be up with few issues. Certainly not like last time.
    1. Laifot


      Wow, i didn't even realize that it was down lol
  6. Great work [mention=1]TopSilver[/mention] the forum looks BETTER THAN EVER!!!
    1. TopSilver


      No problem. Thank you [mention=62]Laifot[/mention] I intend to keep it this way. The reason there was change is I'm preparing to run a bigger site and I wanted to go ahead and get it ready so we can leave it that way. :P
    2. TopSilver


      my advertisement on bizdustry.com is set to stay up until May 1st so that's a good while. And that's if I don't renew it which I probably will. Looking forward to what's to come
  7. Keep up the good work Laifot. I rely on my staff team. Nagato is going to be added back soon. Without you guys we may get over-run before too long
  8. Nice to be back! :D
    1. TopSilver


      great to have you here :D
  9. You can now delete your MyAnimeList account (if you want too) & you can now enable 2FA with an authentication app
  10. Wellllll hello there!!
  11. I just featured the 5 awards for you and [mention=8]Nagato[/mention], feel free to change it to what you want.
  12. Ratings Received Tier 3 This award is obtained by having your content rated 200 times [mention=1]TopSilver[/mention]
    1. TopSilver


      I'm making the awards automatic today. I already bought the add-on for it. Going to set it up this afternoon. I awarded you but things will run much smoother after I get this going. Will keep you posted [mention=62]Laifot[/mention]
  13. I just woke up. I had a dream you retired.
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TopSilver


      No, there is a way. I could have him back once we get going and promote you as well. As long as there weren't more than 3 it would be great. Things will get busier as time goes by and from what I'm thinking we could use you both. We'll talk about it more soon. But you get a badge when you retire and it doesn't mean you still can't post. If you get tired of being moderator just let me know
    3. Laifot


      Yea, i was just kidding my friend, don't take it too seriously :P
    4. TopSilver


      You thought I didn't mean you but I did. That's all I was saying.
  14. Friends say it's fine.. friends say it's good.. everybody says it's just like Rock'n'roll should!
  15. Monster is in my top 10 favourite list, in that list it's probably 1 or 2, I tried reading the manga. I got up to chapter 70 awhile ago. I can't read it anymore because the quality isnt any good so It puts way to much strain on my eyes. What did you think of Monster?
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nagato


      I haven't read 20 or 21 century boys, but he's one of my favourites as well. The only thing I caught you about the Monster anime is that the progression is really slow.
    3. Laifot


      You MUST read the boys, it's really good i haven't read a manga like that ever in my life.
    4. Nagato


      I’ll only be able to read it if the quality (not the manga story) is good. I tried reading Monster again but couldn’t because the quality was hurting my eyes.

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