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  1. When i think fo games liek these, i think of what my mother plays and has played for 8 years concescutively non-stop candy crush. Thats not an app or a game thats a drug lol.
  2. what do you think? I am still goign to work on it and the music, scripts, backgrounds, cant wait forr the next stimulus. [MEDIA=twitch]888937581[/MEDIA]
  3. giving away black ops 4, ass creed origins and civ beyond earth check the thread in youtube section
  4. Posted a new giveaway, you can find it in youtube multimedia under cream sweepstakes! Its a good one guy!
  5. New giveaway that everyone should check out for mafia 3 on my thread https://www.mindpiff.com/threads/creams-sweepstakes-giveaways.149/
  6. What was the last game you played?
  7. Have had fun streaming Vampyr and giving 3 copies away! @ twitch.tv/mr_Cr3am random giveaways every day i stream
  8. One that is free to liek 750gb or a 1 tb?
  9. Brad can you stop changing the theme? I have to keep updating my twitch with your logo.
    1. TopSilver


      where have you been? I coded this theme with my own 2 hands. Considering how good it looks it's well worth it. Took me 3 days of non-stop css coding to make it. Also if you haven't checked there's a dark style too and 5 colors on each one to choose from. I hope you like. Theme won't be changed again at least for a few years if ever. Just improvements
    2. TopSilver


      Also thanks for your twitch support. It's well appreciated.
  10. Who here are friends with each other?
  11. Makes me think of keyboard warriors. Some people understand me, some compromise me, some misunderstand me, and some clearly complain about me. Theres a stain on my name from a freindship decade in the makin'. I need opinions, but don't peel onions. Been stuck here before, but for someone to take what they think they know, or heard, at face value - to me you a wild child. These may look like lyrics, but they're not.
  12. In a situation where you have been misunderstood, or heard wrong, or matter of fact the whole story was not heard, someone just got mad and hated, blocked you or whatever, Would you try to make amends?
  13. I hate consoles, mobiles, tablets, anything not a PC. *throws up hail sign* PC MASTER RACE FOR LIFE!!!!!! :p
  14. Im so creamy you should take a dip.

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