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Found 4 results

  1. what normally keeps me calm is listening to music and singing it gently, the music may seem like not calming music but it’s the type that can feel real and that I can understand emotionally and philosophical.. as well as talking to people about my problem, even if it might make them depressed.... it might be because I’m selfish and not needed in the world, you may say otherwise but I hurt people and annoy them, I may seem nice but this is the internet... it isn’t always real, it can trick you, lots of things here are fake... like my emotions a lot of the time.. I hide my pain alot which builds my depression but it makes me seem nicer and I can get people to like me but a small and minor thing can release that depression which pisses people off cause they’re like “you get depressed over that?” or also like “your life isn’t that bad” but it builds up and up, and those people don’t understand cause nobody is like me, even when people try and comfort me it doesn’t work cause they use what they’ve felt before... not what’s going on with me or what I’m talking about, nobody understands what I say which could mean I’m different from the rest of the world, being to deep that others think I’m an idiot because they’re taught that “if you don’t understand what others are saying they’re probably wrong” and that pisses me off cause I know that life is harder than what it may seem but we make it easier with more comforting things and different thoughts on emotions... I did say I was into philosophy, well here you go... a philosophical paragraph, depressing to normal people cause they think it’s sad or funny to pricks or just nothing to the people who don’t get it... or.. to people like me you get it and can help yourself off my words and I could do the same but so far, nobody like me.... still searching for the perfect partner for me but she won’t show up in my life, I’m waiting but stopped the search when I knew it won’t happen
  2. Talking at least a couple of decades from today, where are you expecting to see technology at? Some examples I can think of are robotic machines taking our jobs, a speedy way to travel (alternative to airlines), or perhaps flying cards. I'm not saying it's not going to happen, but I feel 100 years from today is more realistic. But how far can technology evolve? There must be a limit, and then what happens once that limit is reached?
  3. What do you think the future of Virtual Reality Gaming will entail? Is there a possibility that we can enter a world in the first person and experience the 5 senses of surroundings? Is there a limit on how much technology can advance or not?
  4. OK, so when I click on Multiplayer on Modern Warfare, before I even get to see quick play and such, my PS4 Pro overheats and shuts off. When it overheats it sounds like a jet engine is taking off. Well, yesterday the jet engine took off and the plane crashed. I now need to reinstall the software itself. From looking at comments on Reddit, it only happens on PS4 Pro. The problem affects no other console. So here's the problem: If I reinstall the software it will take ~14 hours to install Modern Warfare (no joke) and since I would still be using a pro, the likelihood of the problem happening again is very high. I only play Modern Warfare or Overwatch. It sucks too, because season 5 just started.

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