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Found 4 results

  1. I created my blog last year with WordPress which appears a very common thing to do. They have a good free option and I would say it is a great place to start for people wanting to get their words out there. It does exactly what I want it to do so I am happy with it. It is always good to keep an open mind and try new things though... after all, WordPress might not be for everyone. So what other places can you go to host a blog? Tell us your success (or not so successful) stories about places to create your site!
  2. I have been trying to find out the free hosting for the discuss forum. I have seen the software and it sounds good. but I am not sure if there is any host that would be willing to offer the free hosting for this sort of the script. Do you know any good host that offers free hosting for the discuss and flarum with installer?
  3. Be careful not to make any payments for graphics or anything on Cafe Discussions without a proper invoice so you have buyer protection. However this forum is for requesting graphics paid or free. This can be a signature, which the forum was mainly meant for, or it can be other forms of graphics. Currently this is the only form of marketplace that Cafe Discussions offers at the moment, although that may change in the future. There will be an award added soon for making free graphics 5 times. Be sure to state the nature of your request clearly and also your budget. *This is not a promote your graphic design business forum. No advertising. This is a request forum only*. Thank you. ~ TopSilver and Cafe Discussions Moderators
  4. Hey guys found the forum on Forum Promotion and thought I would drop by :)

About Us

Cafe Discussions was founded and has been around for 3 years. We strive to reach a wider audience to interlope the spark of chat and conversation amongst members. We hope to become a huge site and wish you would participate by simply taking the moment to sign up and join us into the welcoming future of the site. We started out as the site Mind Piff and now have moved towards a new domain Cafe Discussions. We run on IPB software which is called Invision Power Board and hope you will support us as we search for new Staff Roles and Scout out new moderator potential on the site. To be a moderator just get active, show a common respect amongst the community and that's all you have to do and you may find yourself with a new staff badge.


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