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Found 15 results

  1. Recently I've gotten busy with school task and personal development and well after countless games that I play I felt like all those hours can be used to sleep or study. As some people spend time in different games either catching up with ranks or their world progress. I spend lots of time riding a dream trying to reach a high rank in games like overwatch, Deadbydaylight, Valorant, MobileLegends, PUBGMobile. And well I do realize I've used a lot of those time to sleep and do more personal development. Then once I'm committed ind doing something I felt like those are wasted the progress in ark or a Minecraft world left abandoned. Overall I don't want to feel like those countless hours spent to be wasted since they are memories but by playing I used my time to not sleep or join some events. Currently, I felt like I've achieved that balance of playing and doing everything else adequately but i do realize decisions must be made. I could just cut gaming out of my schedule and focus on my personal development and future but ill be reducing my time to play and hang out with my friends. So what do you people think ? Could those progress that made us happy temporarily or permanently be important for our limited time or all those progress and memories to be a robbed oppurtunity to grow myself.
  2. What do you guys play on ??
  3. CVB115

    Battle.net games

    Hey guys does anyone here plays a battle net games like Overwatch starcraft World of warcraft lemme know and if you like to play heres my battle net cvb115#1621
  4. What is your number one favorite PC game of all time. The one you've probably spent the most hours playing and the one you enjoy the most. What's your favorite?
  5. I am interested in PC gaming. It would mainly be CoD, though.
  6. When i think fo games liek these, i think of what my mother plays and has played for 8 years concescutively non-stop candy crush. Thats not an app or a game thats a drug lol.
  7. What do you think the future of Virtual Reality Gaming will entail? Is there a possibility that we can enter a world in the first person and experience the 5 senses of surroundings? Is there a limit on how much technology can advance or not?
  8. A lot of us probably have tens of apps downloaded on our phone, and maybe we don't even use a lot of them? So which one is your favourite or that you find most useful? For me, it is a toss-up between the Premier League app and Google Translate. The former allows me to see Premier League football news but also access my Fantasy Football team and make changes to it while I'm 'on the go'. Whilst the latter was great specifically when I was living in Sweden, as I could immediately translate a photo or an item in the shops. It is now useful for quick translations when I find information in other languages!
  9. Simple and fun! The very last person to post in this thread wins! reply as many times as you want, this can get competitive! :) But suppose if no one posts, I've won!
  10. Nagato


    [ATTACH type=full]237[/ATTACH]
  11. Anyone here own a Nintendo Switch? Or lucky enough to buy one of late? Or did you get the lesser lite model?
  12. I wonder how many of you guys are into making game mods? If you do, what game?
  13. I hate consoles, mobiles, tablets, anything not a PC. *throws up hail sign* PC MASTER RACE FOR LIFE!!!!!! :p
  14. Wondering if anyone thinks a retro game for $50 or one nintendo 64 game I've heard about that's like $250 is worth the high price tag. To be honest it may just be the retro game market that has sky rocketed in value but it seems to me that stores like gamestop shouldn't be charging that much for the games rather than the console. I think a mini super nintendo classic is like $60 or $70 bucks I can't remember and I can't blame them there because its the console but in my opinion the games themselves are way too expensive. You could go to a garage sale and land like 20 or 30 games for like $30. What makes them worth the price?
  15. Like the title says.. i don't know how to feel about retro gaming. I get..you know "OG" gaming but graphics has come a long way. Let me put it like this; To me it's like having a HUGE tv, and then trying to go back to a small tv. it's hard lol. I have went back and played retro games, but.. when i play a game with these intensive beautifully mastered graphics, i just get so much more emersed and it's getting harder and harder to retro game.

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