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Found 10 results

  1. Talking at least a couple of decades from today, where are you expecting to see technology at? Some examples I can think of are robotic machines taking our jobs, a speedy way to travel (alternative to airlines), or perhaps flying cards. I'm not saying it's not going to happen, but I feel 100 years from today is more realistic. But how far can technology evolve? There must be a limit, and then what happens once that limit is reached?
  2. So, while I'm posting and reading around the forum I was seeing that if there were other networks that offer good payment options with a better outcome then to Adsense. I have been with Adsense for six years, however, till and as of today I only had $120 ;( I made a post stating that what happens https://www.mindpiff.com/threads/adsense.1639/post-7276 regards what google did and taken and removed 80% or more., Any way other then AdSense or maybe you use both :P what other networks out there?
  3. What are your opinions on Nostradamus & his predictions? Do you think most of them came true? From what I read about him, he was quite intelligent. He helped people through the Bubonic plague by using progressive ideas not seen at that time. I think there are people out there who have good intellect. However, I'm not convinced people can see into the future as to me, the future can change so easily.
  4. Is there a certain location known for it's paranormal activity that is high on your list for visiting? Maybe a bucket list of sites? There is some haunted wooded forest in Eastern Europe that entices me to visit. Apart from that I'm not sure where else except maybe a few of the old jails where they give tours.
  5. With billions of planets just in our own Milky Way Galaxy, not to mention many other galaxies with their own supply of planets, you have to think there is life out there. We also have to step out of our thinking that ‘life’ may not be what WE look or act like. It’s mind-boggling the various beings, cultures that could be out there. So, what do you think?
  6. So I know alot of you will probably say that today it's garbage.... and I agree lol. However there once was a time it was on top of the industry. Did you guys ever get to use it during the 3.x days? Did you use it after that?
  7. Anyone here own a Nintendo Switch? Or lucky enough to buy one of late? Or did you get the lesser lite model?
  8. Hey there, It's Nova here. I joined today to share some of my views here. I am looking forward to learn something new from the community. Cheers!
  9. I wonder how many of you guys are into making game mods? If you do, what game?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE9sjMstTHg This video really made me think. Are we real? Do we even exist or are we pretty much a perception of a greater expanse of time space. This theory seems to say that we are smaller then what is out there beyond what we can see. It comes to my attention that possibly this could be true. The theory of relativity basically says the universe is always constantly expanding into the vacuum of space as light travels the same speed no matter where it travels. What interest me is this. Steven Hawking had predicted we were in some type of perception projection. Where the entire universe was merely made of information and was a simple projection of our minds. It interest me whether this could be true. He later retracted his prediction as he faced much scrutiny from the scientific community. What if the only thing real was memory. I imagine a circle, "the eternity circle" where memory is infinite and cannot be escaped. Memory inside us, inescapable by our perception of time. Time being an illusion of memory. We could be worms among giants in outer space. As in we cannot be found because we are as insignificant as an insect. No one wants to speak with us because we are just unimportant or can't be located. Now image this and imagine the further away you travel the bigger and greater your size becomes. If you travel 2 gambits into space your size would be much much bigger. It comes to my new theory that from the birth perception you are too small and from the perception of traveling further away you become much much easier to find and much much bigger. Almost as if a pair of eyes were at the peak of the spectrum. Our own from the root of our existence. In other words what's out there is infinitely greater in size. It was predicted by einstein that the universe is constantly expanding. What if we expand with it as we travel into space? Who's to say that a human body isn't just as much apart of time space as craters or planets. Everything is expanding. Including us. But the expansion in my own theory would be perspective based. My own personal idea is perspective based is more ideal then perception based. Steven Hawking may have been onto something but in my idea it's the possible perspective from within. Leave your thoughts below.

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