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Found 12 results

  1. Makes me think of keyboard warriors. Some people understand me, some compromise me, some misunderstand me, and some clearly complain about me. Theres a stain on my name from a freindship decade in the makin'. I need opinions, but don't peel onions. Been stuck here before, but for someone to take what they think they know, or heard, at face value - to me you a wild child. These may look like lyrics, but they're not.
  2. Talking at least a couple of decades from today, where are you expecting to see technology at? Some examples I can think of are robotic machines taking our jobs, a speedy way to travel (alternative to airlines), or perhaps flying cards. I'm not saying it's not going to happen, but I feel 100 years from today is more realistic. But how far can technology evolve? There must be a limit, and then what happens once that limit is reached?
  3. You probably disagree with that clickbait title. If so, what are some reasons that you think google is better than bing? P.s. Don't just say google has more accurate search results, because we all know that's not true. https://bit.ly/2K8bVqO:p
  4. Hopefully I do not confuse anyone here, but I think it is well documented that many books have had feature films or tv show adaptions. But what I am asking here is, what do you think about tv shows or movies that have been turned into books? On the flipside if you wish! Which books have you loved or hated of these?
  5. With billions of planets just in our own Milky Way Galaxy, not to mention many other galaxies with their own supply of planets, you have to think there is life out there. We also have to step out of our thinking that ‘life’ may not be what WE look or act like. It’s mind-boggling the various beings, cultures that could be out there. So, what do you think?
  6. What do you think? This is what the PS5 is supposed to look like according to the Dev Kit official leaks:
  7. I want to thank everyone again for your continued support on the site. I have now changed the sites domain name to CafeDiscussions.com after doing some digging on expireddomains.net and finding one of the best finds of my life. I have not 1 time in 3 years ever thought of a change of the name but our previous name Mind Piff has now turned into something far better CafeDiscussions in my opinion. I live to see the site do well and this domain has far more potential. No site progress has been lost. The site is back where it left off. No posts lost or anything wild like that. A small redesign of a pixel exit theme, a new logo, and new icons but other then that the same shen-dig. The node icons have been completely redesigned and our premium paid icons. The theme was revamped with some recoloring and a new logo since we are rebranding. I intend to keep it like this for the long haul. All site links from mind piff now redirect to the homepage. Traffic shouldn't take a hit, but if anything substantially increase and grow. I think the logo still fits too and is a nice re-brand. This should be the winner for the long haul. Welcome to CafeDiscussions.com
  8. With the latest version of PHP released in November, PHP 8.0, I was wondering if anyone had upgraded yet? I recently came across some scripts coded in PHP still using 5.6 and I know majority of current scripts (WordPress, Xenforo etc.) are still only 7.x compatible. So have you used 8.0 yet, and if not, when are you planning to upgrade?
  9. Yes the Covid-19 vaccine which is supposed to be released by the end of this year. Is it quality or do you think this will be an under-staged mal developed drug that could have worse effects then it would if you didn't take it. I'm undecided because I am not sure. In my opinion it could at least pose some type of risk but would only be suitable for certain people like the elderly in nursing homes or people that would be at risk from dying in Covid hot spots. Personally I don't know what to think. Do you think they'll charge money for it. Also could it be possible they may require every person in the United States to take it or be charged... (that would be ridiculous and I wouldn't do it).
  10. Does anybody else think this? Just me? Ok.
  11. I think they should I mean they got other games that's is related to it!! What are you thought about it?
  12. Yes it was announced to be released sometime this year. Super pumped about it for the reason that I'll be able to play online multiplayer. Anyone else excited to see smash bros come to the nintendo switch? Should be really fun. There also making a real RPG pokemon at some point but no one knows when it's going to release. What do you think?

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