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Found 6 results

  1. How much would you spend on a bed and mattress?
  2. What do you think the future of Virtual Reality Gaming will entail? Is there a possibility that we can enter a world in the first person and experience the 5 senses of surroundings? Is there a limit on how much technology can advance or not?
  3. Smokey here! How's everyone doing? I'm a gamer, webmaster/forum administrator from the US. I've been gaming for over 26 years now and been foruming for nearly 18 years now. I've just recently got into streaming. :) If you'd like to know anything else about me, just ask. :) The forums here look neat so I thought i'd join and say Hello! :)
  4. When you have your custom machine for many many years and ready to build yourself a new one, what do you do with your old rig that has seen its years of use?
  5. What's your opinion on where this will go into the future. As we know LESS and SASS have been futuristic you could say forms of CSS but where truly is CSS going to go when it's say CSS9 or HTML10 for example. What kind of coding do you for-see deep into the future maybe 100 years from now? LESS and SASS seem to predict a lot about it. Personally I think it will just be updated forms of that but can't be sure. Only time will tell. I actually believe php, js, html, and css might merge into one compact scripting language that does it all at once in 100 years. That's a long time and only speculation. What's your idea?

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Cafe Discussions was founded and has been around for 3 years. We strive to reach a wider audience to interlope the spark of chat and conversation amongst members. We hope to become a huge site and wish you would participate by simply taking the moment to sign up and join us into the welcoming future of the site. We started out as the site Mind Piff and now have moved towards a new domain Cafe Discussions. We run on IPB software which is called Invision Power Board and hope you will support us as we search for new Staff Roles and Scout out new moderator potential on the site. To be a moderator just get active, show a common respect amongst the community and that's all you have to do and you may find yourself with a new staff badge.


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