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I'm working on a Creature Collecting game that's much like the one we all know and love. However it's a lot more dark, and has consequences to it. I'd like to get your opinions on it if you wouldn't mind.


Unlike other games if you lose in this you're stripped of your Battler status and can no longer participate in Pixa Battles. The reason why is the government controls the Deck (PC/Computer that distributes the Pixas) and has to have some common ground to ensure there needed jobs are still being upheld, janitors, chefs, healers, stores, etc. If not everyone would be a battler. So whenever you defeat someone, you literally destroy their career. You also do not capture anything. You have a chance of being able to capture them (1/10 chance) every time you defeat one in battle, to include other Battlers Pixas. As they can no longer use them.


Below are some pictures of the game:



[ATTACH type=full]310[/ATTACH]









Here are some images of the Pixas themselves:



[ATTACH type=full]306[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full]307[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=full]308[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full]309[/ATTACH]




I have a Demo on it HERE if anyone is interested but what I'd genuinely like to know is your thoughts and opinions on the concept of it?


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This reminds me of a mix of Pokemon and Octopath Traveler. From the looks of the game, it looks quite brilliantly put together. Is this going to be strictly a PC game? Or do you intend to put it on a platform.

My goal is to come out with PC, then work on adding Mac, Mobile and Switch support. Then going for Xbox and PS if they allow it.

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Nostalgic themed game man! i like how the cover looks like a Super NES game.


But it's kinda a cruel game don't you think? i could try the demo and then give some feedback if you want.

Yeah that was the intention for the cover :) All retro themed! And it's a lot more cruel than the other Creature Collecting games out there. It's slightly rogue-like as well. As for testing it, that'd be amazing! Any and all feedback is welcomed!


wow amazing man this is called hard worked

Thanks :) I'm glad you like it!c


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