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Is torture ever acceptable?


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I don't think it's the right thing to do. Torture in my personal opinion should never be acceptable. There are always other ways to handle a situation like threatening long term prison time to these terrorist. But I bet the U.S. has done it before to certain terrorist especially in that famous prison I forgot what it's called. There was a famous prison for middle-east terrorists and I believe there was torturing going on like water boarding and things like that.


In my opinion that should never be an acceptable form of punishment. It's just not right.

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@Andox88 I still disagree but to each his own. I don't look at you as a bad person for thinking that. It's only the simple fact that I personally disagree because just like you said, there are numerous ways to handle a situation. Possibly in war time that may be different. If you were a prisoner of war and our country was under attack the situation would change a bit to some degree. In that case because our people would be dying fighting for our country it's another story.


@Trueprime is ex-military so he might have an opinion about this.

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torture is inhumane, and there are much better means of getting crucial info out of people. that is all


I completely agree with you. I don't see the point in physically torturing an individual under any circumstance unless during war time. During war time the circumstances drastically change if an entire countries life is at stake.


Under any other circumstance I highly disagree with any type of measures that involve any kind of torture methods. There are plenty of other ways.

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This is a very interesting and debatable subject. In my personal opinion, I don't like that fact that we as humans have to got to that extent of cruelty. But in my other thinking in my judge of mind, there is sometimes something we have to do to protect ourselves and the ones we care for. In that case, there is no limit or bounds for someone to take to protect. So in that case when it comes to protection, I have no problem with it. It is the same thing as when a robber or threat breaks into your house, you have every right to defend yourself in any means. When terrorist hold information that can kill many, then our protection mode is activated. These are my personal opinion on this
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