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Facebook Style Chat Now Added for Logged in Members Only. I have un-installed our previous chat.


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Hello everyone. Just wanted to update you all the new feature now brought to Mind Piff. This will create a lot of user engagement in my opinion and is a fantastic idea.


I have now taken the initiative to purchase a facebook style chat add-on. For a lot of sites this isn't necessary. But since we are a general discussion website, I feel as if this is perfect for our genre. Users can engage eachother in a much more profound manner.


If you don't want to be seen in the chat simply click on the gear icon and untick "available to chat". You will then not be shown in the list.


You can also block members by going to manage block list. There's also other options like chat sounds you can un-tick.


What this will allow members to do is message whoever they want as long as they are online and have "available to chat" ticked which is ticked by default.


I will be working on embedding another chatroom with this particular add-on at some point in the near future so you can look for that but in the mean time this is perfect for what I have planned. Yes you can embed it just about anywhere and I plan to add another chat link up top for this exact reason.


Give me a little while to see how this goes and you should notice another chat link up top with a new embedded chat.


Anyways I'm super excited to see what Mind Piff has to bring to the world as it grows. I can't wait to see it grow. Were already close to 1k posts so keep it up guys!


Thank you~TopSilver

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By the way guys this also supports video and voice chat. I may hold off on the chat navigation link as the add-on also supports chat rooms inside the chat bar. Will update you all if I make a chat link however lets see how this goes and I'll probably enable a chatroom via the chat bar instead. I think that's a better idea anyway~TopSilver
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@TopSilver i really like the new chat. with it being similar to Facebook and other large platforms makes it easy to understand and use.


Thanks for the compliment. I like it was well. Just a good feature for logged in members to have to talk to eachother.


I will setup a member chat and also staff chat at some point soon and will update everyone when I do.

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