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We are back in action. Looking forward to kicking things back off


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After quite a long departure from getting things going several team members and I have decided to get back on track with moving forward with Mind Piff.


What you can expect to see in the coming days in more activity and more people joining. If you are new I urge you to sign up and make an introduction. We would love to have you. Also I'll be adding the discord server to the homepage shortly as it will be made available and don't hesitate to join the server and come hang out.


Mind Piffs overall goal is to become big. Yes getting a site to kick off the ground is no easy work. It takes consistency, hard work, and ample time to wait on the traffic increase that only more threads and posts can bring. However, getting those posts is my first goal and I urge you to help us out and post quality threads and posts that create user engagement and spark conversation. This is a general discussion forum so conversation is why we exist.


So far the site has been online for almost a year. Ruffly 9 months I believe that I would need to check the sites traffic stats. For 1k posts we have we aren't doing terribly bad on traffic. We see around 2k visits and a little under 1k unique visitors a month. I can guarantee with all certainty that this will triple or quadruple when we get more conversations in the forums running. I started with my first website in 2013 and haven't found the desired niche until now but with my experience I know how this whole scene works. You need constant online time and you need pages for google to index. Whether or not every single thread is valuable to google, that cannot be said with certainty. From experience I know the value is in certain threads while others won't see as much attention. One thing I am positive however is the amount of genuine pages is more important than small threads that are indeed valuable.


The more pages google has to index the more inbound links the site has. Come hang out and speak your mind. Excited to get the ball rolling again. Let me know if you have any questions ~ TopSilver

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As long as this stays up i'm in. I'm a huge forum fan and always will be <3


Since you're back, i suggest some improvements in the themes/aspects.


Well websites have to be built. We got the right setup we just need to build the forums with posts and then we'll have all we need.


Post your suggestions in the Feedback Forum I would love to hear them. The site is never going down. I could never take down a site that has this much potential. Half the forum threads have around 500 views or more in some sections. Even if it took longer to succeed I would still keep it up. As said in the first post this is my desired niche I've finally found.


Though I would like to surprise you by saying I'm currently developing another add-on for the site that is a light bulb that will go onto the nav bar to the right of the links that if you click it "the lights will go off" or in other words the current style will be switched to it's corresponding dark version. It's still a work in progress however I should have a few options for setting up more than one theme to work that way so we can have it for all the themes. Currently I'm waiting on Xenforo 2.1 to be official. I have to re-do all the icons but will be a breeze because I'm going to do it on localhost first and then transfer the template contents to create minimal downtime when we make the upgrade. Xenforo 2.1 should release within a week or so and as long as the content ratings add-on is updated we'll me making the upgrade then.


Also if you have anyone you know that speaks English please invite them. All were missing is more user engagement to get us started. @Andox88 and I will be inviting more people as well.


@Laifot I also plan to add more awards but don't have ones I deem worthy yet. Would like them to all be circular.

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