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Nostradamus doomsday prophecies


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He writes in quatrains. He's predicted many events that have actually happened. Yet he's not that detailed in the way he describes most of his prophecies. Some more detailed the others. It's said he predicted 9/11 along with many other disasters.


One of his quatrains that interest me the most is when he talks about pollution. One of his quatrains says "in the path of the hollow mountains. forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur" and that tells of exactly what many people are having to deal with, polluted water. Coal ash has spilled into many areas of the United States already.


You think he's legit in his quatrains, do you think his prophecies are real or do you believe it's a combination of both knowledge and being indirect. Let me know what you think.

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@Mr. Cream I don't know much about him except that he was an astronomical philosopher. And studied star alignments and meanings that have to do with astronomy. Nostradamus may have had knowledge of the stars but primary predicted future events and was different than Galileo. He also messed around with the occult and medicinal herbs according to the history channel which may have led to his ability to predict the future. He did this shortly after his first wife and kids passed away.
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I think he does have some decent predictions. Though people have wondered over the years on where the information came from, and why he decided to write things a certain way. The biggest thing I have understood in writing over the years, is that if you know how to express yourself in allegories, you can use words that can directly relate to the item or situation being described, without actually using the words that mean it.


So, if he did really see the future, he could be using words that would make sense for those who live in the period being described, if education allowed for a better understanding of knowledge and wisdom.

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