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Advanced techniques to contact your loved ones


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Share with us any techniques you've learned to contact your loved ones that have been since departed.


What techniques have you heard of and what ones have you tried. One technique a lot of people are familiar with is the EVP recorder session where you use a special type of voice recorder and you can't hear anything when you record it but you play it back and you can hear disembodied voices speaking back to you. There are many techniques. I tend to stay away from anything ritualistic as I am a Christian and don't believe in any type of sorcery but there real down to earth techniques you can use that are far from being too far out there. As far as a ouijaa board goes I'd stay away from those. But any down to earth techniques you've ever used that have to do with technology please share.

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Can't say that I know of any, and honestly if there was really such a thing I would think it be rather popular to talk to the dead, of loved ones or those or may have died knowing something we need to know.


Popularity is due to ones ability to believe or not. The fact that it can't be seen is why. But it can be heard especially on EVP recorders if you go to the grave site sometimes. The purpose of this thread was for advanced techniques that have to do with technology. As long as witchcraft wasn't involved I would actually be interested.

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