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Personal life and Parents


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Well, i was thinking today since i had a long chat with my mom, we were talking about me and what happened almost a year ago (got separated from my ex) and work, about my future and what i want for the rest of my life. I'm 27 and single without a gf and also no kids.


I don't say that i'm really close to my parents because i'm not (we always ended up fighting because of my lifestyle) and when i was younger i almost didn't talk to them because i knew the outcome, anyway i really want to know how you guys deal with it.



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Depends on what your parents are like but I had an ole friend tell me once "its a woman thing" and for a lot of peoples mothers usually it is. I know @Mr. Cream has a mom that is constantly. I mean constantly yelling and screaming at him. My mom yells a lot too just not as much as his. But usually the way I deal with it is to just let them go on and not respond until the conversation becomes mutual again. Because when folks get like that (at least your family) usually the only thing you can do is let them rant. My dads not like that though. He usually includes me in the conversation rather like my mom where she seems to be the only one she's paying attention to when she talks.


My parents got divorced a long time ago though. It's good to have a relationship with your folks. Talking helps a lot when the environment is calmer. You got to wait for the right time in those calm moments and sit your family down and have a talk with them. Mornings are not a good time for my family but times where it's a bit more chill you should talk with them about what's going on.

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Show me a "normal" family.. It's a myth, they don't exist. :cautious:


I used to be much closer with my mum than I am now, she got selfish. As soon as we reached late teenage years, it was a case of "I've done my time parenting.. I'm going to start enjoying myself". To some extent that's fine, but you never lose the responsibility of being a parent and your children should still be a key part of your life. As a father, I can't imagine treating my daughter the way she treats us.


I had counselling a couple of years back, and the way I deal with it is to think of our relationship as "X & Y" instead of "Mother & Son". My brother has recently disowned her and cut contact because of her lack of effort with him and his family.


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