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Favorite solo music producer/singer?


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Since music has been powerfull and so impactfull do you have anythoughts on musicians that reallyy do change your perspective on life or generaly moved you.

so mine is probably (no particular order) :







also this is going to be the first of many post i will post on the music category

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Favorite solo artist -> Jamie Maddrox


Famous Duo -> Twizitd (Jamie Maddrox & Monoxide Child). You should look them up!


They changed my life big time. Their music practically moved me in a way I cannot describe. If you have never heard the term "Juggalo" look up that term. That represents my life. I consider myself one. The message got put out by Insane Clown Posse or ICP but I feel as if we could relate even a couple thousand years into the past would have been relevant still. Thanks for sharing :D

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Solo singer would be Ronnie James Dio, his story is quite unique, he was a respected vocalist and even though he was so small, his voice was so powerful and epic that he is considered the best voice in heavy metal. He popularized the famous \m/ among metalheads and he brought along with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow epic lyrics like Tarot Woman, Stargazer and Long live rock'n'roll. He never used drugs and overall he was a humble guy.


Best music producer it's a hard one, since i know many labels that produced many good albums, most heavy metal bands are indies so they were their own music producer.. Metal blade records produced:


Cirith Ungol



Cryptic Slaughter

Diamond Head




Just to name a few :P

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