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Personally I've been trying to learn PHP recently. You may have seen a couple add-ons on the site I'd like to mention that I made myself. Most Users Ever Online count under members online I made myself as well as the light switch in the nav bar to switch to dark styles. I am new to PHP but I feel like it won't be very long before I learn the ropes. HTML and CSS though I have already pretty much basically mastered for the most part. Seems to come natural to me to be able to position elements on a page and setup a website. Not difficult at all. One of my goals is to master SASS and LESS though I have not put much time into yet but excited to do that soon.
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I mostly dabble with bits of PHP. Let's say that I know enough to get me by, but my aim is definitely to be more fluent with it.


HTML and CSS I'm pretty decent with, although I recently had to call on the help of @JoyFreak to achieve a custom layout for my Blogs.


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The computer languages i like are HTML, CSS and C++! Currently learning C++ and love it, great programming language (y)


I’m currently going over HTML,CSS as a refresher, wanting to learn PHP, Node.js, C++,C#, JavaScript. Also learning game development :)


But ultimate goal is to become full stack developer with web development and software development.


The most challenging one for me is C++ but that’s what makes it challenging and how you learn. So I’m enjoying to though.


HTML and CSS I find are the easiest!

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Never could catch on to Python. I was studying math at university and we had to take the course. Anyway, I don't feel the professor was good at teaching Python - though he probably was at math (his other subject).


You need the right tools. I'm learning by myself at the moment. A programming book is better (for me at least) than an online course.



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You need the right tools. I'm learning by myself at the moment. A programming book is better (for me at least) than an online course.


Not enough to time learn Python really. But then again, that's the same thing in anything. I mean, if everybody could learn Calculus in one semester - everybody would be rich (Well, not really - that would drive down the salary.).

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What languages do you like? What do you find the most challenging? Which are the easiest/hardest? What is your goal with languages?

Love HTML5. I'm so used to coding in HTML that I don't look at other coding languages

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Biggest learning curve for me, is learning PHP. I know it is inherently easier to use over HTML and javascript, but due to the fact that I don't constantly use it, I tend to forget some of the strings of coding to use for certain applications more frequently, over the basic stuff. My main goal of learning and memorizing the coding, is to learn how to get free php games to look and feel vastly different, than the publicly available versions of them. Once I get that worked out, I feel it would be easy enough to handle addon development for forums and what not.
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