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Medals Redone, batch of new medals added


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Hey guys so I paid @Andox88 $15 to re-do our current medals as well as make some new ones. He has re-done all of them except for VIP.


I think he's done a fantastic job. I couldn't have asked much better from him. Also I am proud to announce 12 new awards.


You can view the award page to see the new ones here -> https://www.mindpiff.com/help/awards


I have added Mastery I and Mastery II for both post awards and ratings received. Each of these new mastery awards consists of 3 tiers just like before. All bronze, silver, and gold. Each with a more detailed and enhanced look the higher you go. I have resized the medals a bit and made so that a maximum of 5 will appear in your post bit. To decide which ones show simply sort the medals on your profile page to be higher up in the sort area.


Also there will be anywhere from 10-18 site participation awards andox plans to also create at a later date that would need to be requested (such as intro/greeter... etc) similar to the bright idea one. I'm looking forward to adding those. Currently I have not invested my money in the other award add-on that automates things such as ratings, posts... etc but I plan to either do that or wait on our current one to be updated. I've been told the automation update will be added at the end of this month or early next month so either way, whether I purchase the other award add-on or not the majority of them will be automated soon and I will let you know.


I hope you guys like the new medals. Thank you! (y)

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They all look good! its Thebindingofisaacish style fits so good!


Question: How are your awards sorted for the ones in display?


By going to your username on the top right under your profile options -> click "Manage Awards" -> and then click sort at the bottom. The top 5 are shown in the post bit so if you want an award to show above another have it higher in the sort order. I had this option under the profile options area but it got removed somehow. I just re-added it for easier access. Regardless you could go to your profile manually and do it either way. However now it's much easier and has been re-added to the option area. Thanks

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Okay guys to update you, I just edited out the outline of the awards as it looks much better without the black outline around it. I also made the post awards background a bit lighter on tier 1 and 2. I think were good here. Thank you.
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