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What is an underrated movie that you think deserves more attention?


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I have a couple, I really like this movie called Grave Encounters. It's about this paranormal investigation team that has a TV show and they go to this, basically abandoned, mental hospital and there's a bunch of really crazy stuff that happens (I won't spoil it for you). It's kind of a "found footage" type movie where it's all portrayed as if it was recorded on a handheld camera, similar to The Blaire Witch Project. But I think it's really good for being made on a, most likely, very limited budget.

There's another movie called As Above so Below and it's also a found footage movie. It takes place in the catacombs under Paris, I believe, and it's recorded on the headcams the characters are wearing. I think it's pretty good for also being on a lower budget. I honestly would recommend them if you're into kinda scary movies and you're not super susceptible to motion sickness because there is sometimes really fast camera movements and things like that :)

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The second movie has the same name as one of my fav albums! so i gotta give it a try.


20th century boys is my pick. A trilogy about world's demise made in japan inspired by a popular manga with the same name. It's about a group of young kids that "predict" world's end with various events like pests or fatal nuclear accidents all around the world. Suddenly everything comes true.



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