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I've been using gtx 1060 6GB ver for almost a year now and i've had no problems with games i play and in most of cases FPS is fine

but as i have started to stream more regularly i've noticed the FPS drop while streaming , makes some games unplayable/watchable

also since i have 144hz monitor i would love my games to be atleast at 144 FPS and when i stream its not possible in 90% of cases


So i was wondering can anyone reccomend upgrade for this gpu

I was considering something like gtx 2080 or 1080Ti But im not sure which of those is better , or should i wait abit more and get newest models(since im buying gpu around september)


my specs are :


ryzen 1700

16gb ddr4 3200mhz

gtx 1060 Strix 6 GB OC

600w psu 85+ certified


also if i upgrade to better gpu would i need to upgrade PSU aswell

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Your GTX 1060 is still a good card, It still can run most games on high settings and not to mention that it can last another good couple of years. What the card lacks in your case is that the fact that games are becoming DX12, means that they use far more Vram and since you are running a 144hz monitor, then dropping it down to 100hz or 60hz so that the card is not overworking.


I myself have a 1660TI that is the same has 1070TI, just that my 1660 has faster and newer memory clocks since it's a GDDR6. I think that you should save up and get a full new system :) When you start to look at 2000 series and 3000 series, your CPU will start to be weak and bottleneck. High GPU with CPU can't keep up. Plus 850 watts is what you really need.


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