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Whats the weirdest nickname anyone has given you?


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Believe it or not, Nerdface is actually a nickname I was given from my wife and a mutual friend..


It stemmed from me doing nerdy things such as forums, and wearing glasses!


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The weirdest nickname I've had was probably four. Yes, you heard it, four. The number after three and before five. Now you might be asking, “What kind of a nickname is four?! it's a name for a number, not a person!” And your right.


I got the nickname four at the end of the school year. It was maybe two weeks before school would be over. Everybody had their yearbooks out asking people to sign, and whenever somebody asked me to sign theirs, I wrote down 4. Every time. I don't even know why I did. Everyone would get mad at me and tell me to erase it and put my name, but I wouldn't. I wouldn't even put my name next to it. I started writing four on the tables, those random papers I found on the floor. I started telling people it was my favourite number because I guess it kinda was.


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The weirdest nickname that I've been given is "Just Eat". A customer at my other workplace, knows I work for the fast food delivery chain, because of my huge thermal company issued bag, and calls me by Just Eat instead of my actual name. It's kind of weird. 

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