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Time Stop, What About The Molecules? #ShowerThoughts


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This is my first post after MindPiff is back online, its great to be here.


to give a little context, i was watching an anime that my friend recommends me. It's called "Enen no Shouboutai" really good anime, and almost at episode 22 they talk about time stop taking heat from universe, and accelerate way faster than light. Then, I remember what i was thinking during shower. Let's say we found a way to stop time, like real time stop. Everything stops and if this person who can stop time, can he be able to move around, there are small molecules all around us, isn't the molecules like walls surrounding is. It actually depends on the method of how they stop time.. I think. Overall the anime is fantastic, I'm just giving my thoughts, I tried to search the internet if there is a article about it, but to be honest I'm just lazy. Someone please if they found a website discussing about the molecules when time stopped, please, ctrl+C and ctrl+V here. Thanks. :)

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Welcome back @OmNom. I actually think about that too sometimes. In my opinion the only energy source on our planet capable of space travel are molecules. Rockets won't get us far until someone comes up with a better way. In my opinion manipulating molecules is the answer however how to do it would be another story. There's been talk of element 115 from alien space craft but those weren't designed for humans and have little quantity.


Never heard of the anime you speak of. Might have to check it out sometime. Anyways energy is the key to manipulating time. A type of energy source. If you think about energy sources that might be outside planet earth the idea is awe-inspiring so the thought of finding one on planet earth is the best idea. Molecular space travel will be the way when they find out how. In my opinion it's the only thing capable of traveling light years if someone smart enough just knew a math equation for it that would help astronomers.

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Thanks, for the reply. Your thoughts give me a new way to see this, I think I'm not sure. Don't know much about the whole concept of tiny molecules and space, I really know nothing about space, and yes I recommend watching that anime. After seeing few episodes of this anime I really should've never underestimate what my real good friend (CVB115) suggested, made me believe that I should never doubt this man's decision.
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