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Biden vs Trump: Vote Now!

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Biden vs Trump: Vote Now!  

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Most people that vote for Biden if they do will only be because they are Democrat. Biden should not be allowed to re-enter office. Were already starting to go into recession from this Corona Virus issue and it would be a shame for it to continue into what Obama had basically setup to do almost the same thing back many years ago.
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I can't vote for Biden because I don't think he's mentally capable anymore of running the company. My mother-in-law had dementia before she passed away and Joe Biden shows the same type of poor sentence structure and thought pattern that she struggled with.


Since Trump is my only other option I will vote for him again. I voted for him in 2016 because Clinton had a tv advertisement that showed her laughing that she was guaranteed to win. I didn't like that cockiness so I voted against her. I never thought that Trump would actually win.

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@Lämmchen I like that your a Christian but you don't immediately declare Republican. I assume your Independent. Personally that's not a bad thing at all these days for the number of people that can't handle the job. Personally I hear for the amount of papers you have to sign back and forth constantly would drive the most sane man mad. Though Biden was already in office which may be your take on why he couldn't handle running again. That's definitely agreeable. Seems that in overshadow of the 8 years he already spent in the white house that may a bit more difficult for him.
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Can I choose neither?


I declare as Democratic but neither Biden or Trump are contenders in my mind. I do like some of Trump's policies, however, his social media accounts really do bug me to a core. Biden, well... I can't.


I was hoping Elizabeth Warren would win the primaries as she actually talked like a human being. Trump simply scares me on some of his policies in regards to immigration and LGBT rights - nonetheless, he hasn't been the worse president as everyone had mentioned. Originally, when Trump announced he was running, I was behind him 100% until his remarks towards people (and races..) turned me off. :P Not sure if I will be voting this year.

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@Thomasss there's nothing wrong with being a Democrat. I personally declare Republican but at the same time every individual is different in what they believe in. Which is completely respected by me.


To be honest I think the best democratic candidate that was in up until recently was Bernie Sanders. However considering I hear he's no longer running that leaves Biden as a very much-so potential nominee. Trump has a big mouth, that much is certain. Personally there is no other Republican candidate is the saddest part. Though it can't get much worse in my opinion anyway. To me it doesn't really matter who wins but I just hope Trump wins only because you have to pick which is the least worst out of the bunch - Rather then who is the best.

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