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finally a new look (paid) and glad I found it


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Going to leave the forums open for now. I purchased a very nice theme for the site and I think a lot of you will like it. It's exactly as I've had in mind for quite some time. If you've ever heard of it, it's called REKT by themehouse. You can search it in Google if you want a better idea. Though I customized it quite a bit and changed the colors to match a darkish blue and orange vibe. I think it looks good. There's not that much left to do but it needs to be done right and needs a bit more time.


The board will go down sometime tomorrow afternoon for about 4-6 hours tops and then no more down time. After this we will be set to go for a very good amount of time. I plan to keep things rolling for a long time on Mind Piff and I'm glad to have anyone who wants to join aboard. I will leave the site up for now.


Thank you

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Hey guys. New style has been released. Could use some touching up in certain areas so PLEASE bare with me. There will be no more random site changes I promise. This was only because we had been offline for 10 months and needed a new look. I plan to keep this style for a good while. Let me know what you think of the theme.


Also @Laifot big avatars, like you like :D and not circular :P

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I can't quit out on this logo. I love it too much. Would sort of draw in the user that was more chilled and talkative at the same time. The mobster logo was something I was considering using but after a while without our official one up I had second thoughts. Will stay this way.


And I didn't mean complain as a bad thing, by that I did mean your opinion, which is valued among everyone elses. I still like the nav bar black though. Are you honestly against me changing it back? I was considering it as the headers of almost everything is indeed black and gives off a professional vibe. I guess the logo being apart from the navigation as white may have been the reason. I still think it looks good, the only difference is there's no above header. Ditched the clouds too.


What you need to know is I plan to keep this style. I'm preparing for heavy traffic as we topped out at 1,000 visits in 2 days. We have 4,000 so far in 12 days this month which is almost more than I see in an entire month so. *professonal from this point on is my new motto*


I intend to keep the site clean as a whistle and professional but the logo is going to stick.

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The navigation has been changed back. I want it to fit the color scheme. I'm sort of OCD when it comes to light textures amongst so much dark headers and things like that. I don't plan to change anything else. @Nagato who I will ask to respond. He says he likes the theme. Unless he's also against the dark navigation background it will stay this way. To be honest, I think it looks good. The logo with the white background may be a bit of an offset, however black is the new professional amongst white backgrounds. At least that's how I feel about the style. When the background of the navigation isn't dark, it doesn't scream "header" to me. The header variable disappears.


Anyways this should stay unless I hear multiple complaints :P Hehe love you guys

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