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What's wrong with the world?

Sir Twisted

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Woman and money seem to be what stirs most of the world. That and the way things look to a certain individual before they realize how it appears was not exactly what it really was. Movies and TV seem to be a big portion of this. The way something appears on TV can affect a lot.


Ever heard of a circadian rhythm? In my opinion the way someones mind works, they spend each day and each night with the same garbage around them it can lead to aggressive behavior depending on how dominant or mentally sick someone is. A circadian rhythm is basically a cycle from each day to each night. Some people get used to certain things. When an individual is used to something too much it can have many effects on their actions. Just my thoughts.

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To be blunt yet bleak, quite a lot in my opinion. I agree with the previous poster about how the media can influence how people look at themselves, but it can also influence their behaviour and attitudes.


I firmly believe a prevalent issue in the world (which can link to many more of their own individual issues) is that people lack the ability to think for themselves or use common sense. Many situations and problems could be avoided but society is so obsessed with normative behaviour, with people too afraid to stray out of this. I guess with the presence of social media there is more autonomy being shared, but social media is also causing many of the worlds problems when it is used poorly.

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A blog for documenting my personal life experiences and thoughts featuring a pun from my avid interest in sport.


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I think that globalization shows the weakest part of human kind, how bad stuff can become popular because everyone is doing something. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad.. it's just trendy.


For example those challenges in this TikTok community, one has to lick their WC... that's insane! That's not something you should copy but there are noble exceptions.


Maybe we, the 90s, 00s generation should raise their kids and teach them how to properly use the web because when things started to go this way, we were teenagers with some sort of consciousness.


That's only one thing that i mention that is related to the future...



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People forget how to be an actual human being with common courtesy & common decency. They look out for number 1, are greedy with no regards on who & what they hurt.



They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.- Benjamin Franklin 1705-1790

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A lot of things are going wrong in the world. Starting from higher sectors such as politicians, leaders to the lower. People think, money is the only way to success and has classified themselves into class systems, which discriminates them from each other. Money and power, both are being used wrongly.
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