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Anyone here play Banjo-Kazooie?


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I loved the heck out of both games back in the N64 days, even though there was certain levels I didn't enjoy, I still played them often and they were always fun from the sound effects to turning into different things to get where you needed to go to get the jiggies.


Though I don't think the Switch is getting a game anytime soon.

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Rare made ports with their famous games on the XBOX, like Conker's Bad Fur Day, GoldenEye 007, etc.


It was the glorious days of Rareware, along with games like Killer Instinct and the Donkey Kong series, not even Square could ever match that legacy.

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I never grew up on it or anything, but I'd heard how good it was and played both it and Tooie through emulation and on the Rare Replay bundle. I only found out about the series because Nuts and Bolts was bundled with my Xbox 360. I am not a fan of that game at all, it was quite clunky and my hate for it was before comparing it to the other great games in the series. I wish I could eventually play the originals on the Nintendo 64 and I occasionally listen to the soundtrack.
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OH YEAH RARE REPLAY! When my friend visits I have to suggest he bring it up and I can try it. I may have given it a short play and I think my next door neighbor had a copy.

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I haven't played it on the N64 (I've never owned that console), I did pick it up on the Xbox 360 but found it pretty average and didn't really bother with it.


I guess the nostalgia factor isn't really there if you have no previous experience! :p


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