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Every generation had the best music?


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Do you think that every generation feels that they had the best music? My mom was a teenager in the 50s and we listened to that music a lot when I was growing up. I was a teen in the 80s and of course I feel that music was THE BEST EVER! I mean, we had such a diverse collection of sounds and musicians that if you tried to state the 80s had one genre you're sorely missing out on the many others around at the time.


What decade was your music from as a teen? Do you think that was the best music?

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It's nostalgic for the generations, it's like me saying we grew up watching the best cartoons and Disney was actually decent with it's shows - now I look at them in complete array because to me, it looks like they've gone way downhill. To this generation, they love them and they'll probably say they had the best cartoons growing up.

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Most rappers these days tend to talk about money and woman and that seems to be all they rap about. I love some of the old school rappers like Tupac and Biggie. They were much more diverse in their rap than some of these rappers these days. It gets old when all you hear is rapping about the same old stuff. I was born in 1990. There's not much I can say about 90's music because I was only a child. I remember lots of pop releasing though that I would never listen to like the Backstreet Boys (god help me). But there are still some rappers that keep their lyrics interesting. Some of the rappers that have been doing it for a while aren't half that bad.
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I was born in 1991, but the music i always listened was rock from the 70s and 80s. Every decade had its own stuff, i even listen to newer releases and some stuff from the 80s are "primitive" but still interesting.


But if you ask, i will always consider the 80s better, i haven't seen a band like Queen in these days, there's this korean pop group that is super big, but it's a product from the industry.

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