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Constitutional studies

Lord Saru

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No countries in the world, as far as I know, teaches their students about their own constitution and their own government models.


I am not sire why this is so, but I personally believe that it is because the intepretations, meanings and context changes with each article and its not right to teach students these without flexibility.


However, I am of the opinion that this should not stop the authorities from making this a part of curiculum. We want more politically aware citizen not those dumb potatoes that swallow and digests whatever media tells.


What arebyour thoughts?

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Studying your constitutional rights can be quite good for studying the core of the law. But when it comes down to trying to get yourself out of a charge in prison where some inmates study the law and read books to try and find a loophole, the constitution in my opinion is less important. There are inmates everywhere in prison studying the books and trying to find loopholes. Some in the past have actually found said loophole and were let out. It's definitely something that motivates a prisoner and gives them ample motivation while their locked up.


But the constitution is the foundation of the law and should not be abused by politicians. Without it, the system of laws we have would crumble and not hold up in the least bit when it comes to a court room. It balances and keeps the law in tact and is the foundation for every law that has ever been made.


Lawyers should definitely study it I believe.

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That's true. Most people don't know how their country works.


I remember having class about that at really early age so i didn't really understand it back then, but when i turned 18 and couldn't vote yet (i turned 18 just a week after the elections). So i found out that most of our structure was CtrlcCtrlv's from our fellows from La Plata (Uruguay/Argentina).


Media is controlled by the government's interest so i don't really care too much about it.



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