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UFO Stories


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Saw one when I was over at a place called white lake in north carolina camping. Was a gold light that appeared in the sky and was moving around. It wasn't an airplane as this gold light was extremely bright and just moved around.


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I don't know if I've seen one.


BUT I do know other people who have and one is a very trustworthy person who wouldn't make something up. His experience was that he was outside looking at the night sky through his telescope when something came into view that was far beyond the technology we have on earth...or at least anything he's ever seen.


The object was circular and had different colored lights rotating around it and it zipped off in a flash out of sight after a few moments. It really shook my friend up because he didn't believe in UFOs.

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I have so much to share with the community after we get more people. You would be so incredibly surprised the things I've learned about aliens. There is far more I know about aliens then I could ever know about death. Heaven and Hell is my belief and the rest is something only God knows. I look forward to more users posting in these sections. Would give me reason to help convince. :P
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On 11-5-20 (yes I wrote it down lol) by Zeta in Cygnus, saw a small ‘cloud’. Was otherwise a cloudless, moonless sky. First it looked like a galaxy but even the Andromeda Galaxy is quite faint w/ the naked eyes. & this was bigger & had like spiral arms. I turned off my telescope to use manually & zoomed to it. It went slower than a satellite goes. I looked on Stellarium & there were no satellites passing that area at that time. I got my husband ‘cos it was so weird.

It's still a mystery to me!



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