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New Light and Dark Theme Ryzer going live by tomorrow or the next day


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Hello guys. I'm glad you have stuck around. The new theme I bought for $65 includes a light and also dark theme. This is one of the newest themes released so far by Osman and Xentr. This is probably the best theme I've used on any of my sites yet including when I was on Xenforo 1.


I am going to post screenshots below just as a preview before I have it ready. I hope to have it all ready by tomorrow with the day after tomorrow being the latest.


I also will have a much smaller light to dark style transition button in a toolbar above, one being a crescent moon and other being a light bulb (much smaller than previous themes).


I may also have color variations but right now were just playing it by ear. I have taken screenshots below of the light and dark theme. Icons aren't up yet and several things will change, not entirely sure what all will change yet.


Here's a preview:


[ATTACH type=full]240[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full]241[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full]242[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full]243[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full]244[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full]245[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH type=full]246[/ATTACH]

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The latest thread area is actually a marquee of latest threads and also the reactions on the visitor panel is a marquee as well. Some stuff is subject to change but I wanted to let you know that it looks much better than in the screenshots. However I wanted you to have a preview.


I'll have it ready soon.

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I can finally use the new theme. It's really cool!. IMO, the post count, likes, ect should be shown by default and not hidden. Best style yet.

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This theme will not be available anymore right? It gives me a lot of nostalgia to be honest. I might end up switching from time to time (that doesn't mean i don't like the new one)


The looks are fresh. Also the dark theme is very cool, there are some details like the position of the usertitle/userbar and also the Joindate, post count that shows only when clicking.



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